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If you own a single family home, condominium, townhouse or have a rental property with roof issues, we can help.



If your commercial roof is more than 20 years old, it may be time to replace.


Asphalt Shingles

Most homes in Maryland have asphalt shingle roofs. Find out why this option can provide you with the greatest value at the best price.

Determining the Need for Professional Roof Restoration or Replacement

The roof is arguably the single most important aspect of my home’s architectural structure and if it is not in top conditions I must address this right away., Without the roof my building is just a collection of walls. When the roof becomes damaged due to regular wear and tear, it must be restored to functioning conditions or it will begin to fail in its purpose.

If restoration is not performed in time, the inner structures of the home can become damaged and this will lead to a considerably larger project further down the line. If you have been looking for a suitable roofing contractor with experience in the local area, allow me to suggest The Roof Replacement Pros of Olney for all your commercial and residential roofing needs.

How to Determine If I Need a New Roof?

There are obvious signs your roof needs to be replaced that can be checked by yourself, for example if the shingles look cracked, broken or otherwise disheveled, they are probably not doing the task they are supposed to.

Other times, the signs of disrepair can be subtler. I would recommend having a professional do a proper examination of your home’s roof every 5 years or so to ensure that your roof lasts as long as it possibly can. A professional opinion can keep your roof in top functioning condition that protects your investment and prolongs replacement.

A reputable company like Roof Replacement Pros can provide this service. They will be able to tell you if your roof needs a full replacement, or if the conditions are still good for a few years and can be improved with some necessary repair work.

Furthermore, practicing regular maintenance on gutters and flashing can greatly improve the longevity of your roofing materials. In addition to providing a quality perspective on your roof, you can expect the professionals from Roof Replacement Pros to deliver a free-quote on the task at hand and as many options as you will need to make a good decision.

How to Decide Between Repair and Replacement

The average homeowner has a limited knowledge of the true underlying conditions of a roof and the most significant damage can sometime escape their eye. There are also several factors that will need to be considered when making this decision.

The most important factor will be the conditions of the roof and the damage present. The second factor will be the age of your roof. If there is a large leak for example, the damage and conditions might not be addressed without removing the entire roof. This task may also call for the removal and replacement of the plywood beneath the roof.

A roof that has already served its purpose for over 20 years is probably best to just replace as the necessary repairs will probably be needed again and again till the entire roof is replaced. This is the more expensive and ineffective way of replacing the roof. After the materials and structure have served their purpose, the roof should be replaced.

Roof Replacement Pros can provide this important service and also provide you with a list of materials and the costs required for each one. It is important to remember that a top-quality roof is only as good as the quality applied in its installation. Be sure you hire the local professionals when you have our roof replaced — Choose The Roof Replacements Pros Of Olney.

Local Maryland Roofing Contractors

In case you are thinking about replacing your roof, you should get in touch with us. We at The Roof Replacement Pros in Olney have been in business for several years serving the local community, and we have many satisfied clients in Olney and surrounding areas. We understand that expert installation and using quality roofing materials is crucial for a long-lasting roof, and that’s why our team of experts provides only high-quality services. If you decide to hire us, you won’t have to worry about poor installation. Give us a call if you want to improve the appearance of your home and have a durable roof that will last for a long time. Our team of experienced roofing professionals is committed to providing safe, efficient, and proper roof installation and replacement. We let our reputation and customer satisfaction speak about the quality of services that we provide.

The Roof Replacement Pros have helped several property owners in the State of Maryland when handling storm damage because of heavy rains previously this year. We have actually collaborated with insurance companies and property owners to have actually claims spent for due to hail damage in Montgomery, Frederick and Howard County. Wind damage has actually likewise triggered significant chaos on domestic homes, townhomes, condominiums and also industrial structures throughout the state of Maryland.

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We use only the finest materials on all of our roof replacement jobs, and refuse to skimp on quality materials. You will likely only have to replace your roof one time, we will ensure it is done right.


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You won't see our television ads plastered all over the morning news channels. We rely on customer referrals and word of mouth which allows us to keep our prices low and our quality high.

Having a Roof Replacement Issue?

Let one of our professionals thoroughly inspect your roof for damage and leaks. We can then determine if it is best to replace or repair your existing roof.

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