Updated on November 15th, 2022 at 11:45 am


How to Decide Whether to Replace or Repair Your Roof?

In some cases, it is enough just to replace a few broken shingles here and there and repair your roof, while in others the only option is the full replacement. Most homeowners don’t look forward to replacing their entire roof, and they want to put off something like this for as long as possible. Of course, this is completely understandable, as no one looks forward to substantial renovation projects. It also represents a significant expense for most people. It is not a surprise that most of them prefer repair compared to replacement.

Although repair is a good enough solution for many roofing problems, in some cases replacement is the only option. Sometimes, repairs are just a waste of time and money as they can’t save your roof and help you avoid total replacement. Of course, it depends on the condition of your roof, age, and other factors. If you are a homeowner who has troubles making the right choice, you should take into consideration a few determinants that will help you make a decision.


Age of Your Roof

One of the most critical factors that you should consider when choosing between repair and replacement is the age of the top of your house. Roofs have a relatively long life expectancy, and it varies depending on the materials used, their quality, and the weather conditions of your area. If it has to deal with harsh weather and storms on a regular basis, fallen debris, or other things that can compromise its integrity over time, its lifespan will be shorter compared to roofs in areas with the more favorable weather. If you notice signs of damage or leakage, and your roof is only a decade old, it is a much better idea to have it repaired. It will be worth it as you will still get at least a decade or two out of it. However, in case you notice severe signs of wear and tear, and it is already 20-25 years old, it may be about time to have it replaced. In these situations, total replacement is a much better option as repairs won’t prolong its lifespan a lot, and they will be just a waste of money and time. At this age, your roof is already at the end of its life expectancy, and there is no point in fixing the damage temporarily, no matter if the problem is isolated or not.

Type of Damage

The type of damage also has an impact when it comes to deciding whether to repair or replace your roof. For example, if you notice that a couple of shingles are missing or damaged, making necessary repairs is the right choice. In these situations, there

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is no need for total replacement. However, if you have several missing shingles, and others that are curled, or if you notice a cracking pattern all over your roof, or increased amount of granules in gutters, the best thing is to replace it as repairs won’t help you much in this case. Also, if you notice the signs of leakage, and it appears in only one area, you need to get in touch with experienced professionals for help. We at The Roof Replacement Pros can repair your problems with ease as we have years of experience in the field. On the other hand, if you spot moisture signs all over your attic, and leak stains all over your ceiling, the replacement is the best idea. In these situations, the problem is widespread, and repairs are simply not a good enough option as they won’t fix anything. Moisture can result in severe damage, and can even cause health problems, and that’s why replacement is the right solution.

Long-Term Cost

In case you have small roofing problems that are limited to only one area, and can be easily and quickly solved, it is the best idea to have someone repair them. It is a very affordable solution, and your issues will be in the past in no time. On the other hand, if you have severe troubles all over your roof, repairs are not a good option as they won’t fix anything. In this case, it would be just a waste of money. If you have severe problems, you should consider replacing the entire roof as it is the best and most reasonable solution.

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